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About Our Company

Vision Group was created as a platform to hold the hand of anybody wishing to make a decision to invest, change their career or move to a country in the Mediterranean.

In the last seven years we have advised and assisted hundreds of people who were seeking property and investment advice and those requiring local information in The Mediterranean. We are always proud to introduce new clients to our existing customers and partners who have experienced our service.

We are are a highly analytical and advisory platform and we carry the best value property opportunities across The Mediterranean. We employ and train in house staff to ensure that we achieve our aim of maximum customer satisfaction and a safe way to move to the Mediterranean.

Buying or committing abroad is a big decision and all potential buyers need time to digest information. Our staff are provided for you to ensure that your decision is based on facts and wide unbiased choice and not only just on emotions.

We correctly state that we do not sell property, rather we advise our buyers and offer a very wide choice and our clients make their choice when they feel completely knowledgeable and comfortable.

All of our clients and partners will testify that we do not in any way pressure or persuade.

We say take your time, take our time.

International Partnerships

Vision Group currently have over 5000 partners working in 48 countries and therefore we can prove an excellent track record that our services are both professional, stress free and results focused. We are established in many countries such as Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Turkey just to mention a few. We are growing steadily with partners who are entrepreneurs, investors, business owners, real estate agencies and developers and we have many qualified professions in our network.

We always say that at the end of the day your success is our success. Whether you are an investor/owner occupier or a Partner, we must ensure that your investment in time and property achieves the highest returns possible.

Click here to read more about our international partnerships.

Our History

Vision Group was founded in 2019 in a merger with The International Partnership Program (IPP) — a very successful advisory and business platform which was originally created in North Cyprus seven year ago.

It was first branded as the British Property Consultants (BPC) and Scandinavian Property Consultants (SPC) and the idea was to hold the hand of buyers from “grey sky” countries, who wished to invest in the Mediterranean. Having grown a substantial team of professional staff and partners, The International Partnership Program (IPP) was created in 2014 to serve a wider market of worldwide buyers. In 2019 Stephan Menzies MRICS, Chairman, of The International Partnership Program (IPP) founded Vision Group which took over the operations of IPP and all its activities and responsibilities.

Today, Vision Group has over 50,000 properties for sale throughout the Mediterranean. We organize and offer discovery tours and property services in the most popular Mediterranean countries.

Our offices in Spain, Cyprus and UK offer a very wide range of services by our multi lingual staff (Russian, Spanish, Turkish, German, Swedish and Norwegian). Our departments include, Property Consultancy, Legal, Moving and Settling, Research and Analytics, Marketing/Media and Accounts.

In spite of our long and successful history of investing, developing, serving customers and sharing our knowledge and expertise with our partners, in the main property markets of the world, we always look to grow our markets to better serve our customers.

By Summer 2020 we aim to open offices across the top 10 Mediterranean countries in order that we can advise our customers across the entire Mediterranean before they even have to leave their home.

Our Team

Who We Are

Head Office North Cyprus

Stephan Menzies MRICS

Stephan Menzies MRICS
Main Board of Directors 

Sally Coates

Sally Coates

Tuba Onan

Tuba Onan
Administrative Services Officer

Anna Babitskaya

Anna Babitskaya
Media Manager

Julia Efimova

Julia Efimova
Marketing Assistant

Ali Bahadir

Ali Bahadir
Maintenance Supervisor

Jeanette Sola

Jeanette Sola
Facilities Supervisor

Vision Property Consultancy TRNC

Alexandra Kononova

Alexandra Kononova
Senior Property Manager
Board of Directors (TRNC) 

Bihter Erin

Bihter Erin
Property Portfolio Administrator

Vision Property Consultancy Spain

Martin Ducos

Martin Ducos
Senior Property Manager
Board of Directors (Spain) 


Senior Portfolio Manager
Board of Directors (Spain) 

Our Vision and Mission


To be one of the world’s largest property service providers with a partnership platform that offers both business, product and education for financial success to people from all walks of life.

We are committed to do so by bringing the most efficient partnership platform with Mediterranean real estate products, services and education to all our international partners.


  • To continue to be the preferred choice throughout the Mediterranean by customers seeking a truly thorough and professional real estate consultancy.
  • To continue to be renowned for our honesty, integrity and our generosity when assisting overseas buyers.
  • To become the recognized Mediterranean market leader for the widest selection of property in all the most desired Mediterranean locations.
  • To become the recognized Mediterranean market leader for the most thorough and diligent advice available to overseas buyers.
  • To become the largest career providers


Vision Group has a very definite mission which we constantly remind our staff and partners worldwide. This mission has a number of important components.

“To do everything in our power to ensure that our buyers buys have no regret.”

We work on simple logic. If our customers are truly satisfied with our service, then we will continue to succeed.

Use these headlines in a clever way on the brochure/in video:

“To provide a fantastic, proven business opportunity to all people that require support, education, product and staff“

To our clients/buyers we say
“Take your time, Take our time”

To our Partners we say
“ We don’t succeed if you don’t succeed – A perfect Partnership.

Our Offices

Vision Group has offices and/or representation in over 48 Countries with a particularly large presence in areas the Nordic and Scandinavian region, Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries as well as Europe. All the locations where we have offices are selected with the utmost care and consideration.

Below are the locations and details for our main offices.

37 Naci Talat Caddesi Girne
+90 392 815 99 54
AV. Joanot Martorell 17C 03727 Jalon (Alicante)
+34 966 482 480
Ctra. Cabo La Nao Pla 122 03730 Jaeva (Alicante)
+34 966 482 480
AV. Del Portet 16 03724 Moraira (Alicante)
+34 965 744 351
C/ Claudio Coello 19-1ºD 28001 Madrid
+34 914 315 823
29 Lancaster Grove Belsize Park London NW3 4EX
+44 773 950 82 26
[email protected]


Career Opportunities

Vision Group provide employment and a business opportunity for two groups of people.
Please select from the following:

  1. Salaried Full Time Employee Positions at Vision Group Offices
  2. Self Employed Partnership

Careers in the Sun

Vision Group offers salaried full time employee positions at our HQ in Cyprus and in our regional offices in Spain and U.K.

Our office departments and activities include:

  1. Property Sales, Inspection, Valuation and Processing
  2. Property and Country Educational Tours
  3. Accounts
  4. Management
  5. IT and Data Processing
  6. Marketing
  7. Media Film and Graphic Design
  8. Social Media Marketing and strategising
  9. Customer Relations
  10. Photography
  11. Translation
  12. Research and property economics
  13. Cost Management
  14. Event Management

If you feel you have the skills and you wish to apply for any vacancies please send your CV with a video statement about yourself to [email protected]

International Partnerships

Welcome to The Vision Group Partnership Platform (VGPP).

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and you wish to work in a satisfying lifestyle business where you can build substantial wealth without the need for you to have the stress of running a traditional business then consider VGPP.

We are a business provider and have created over 5,000 Partners in 48 countries. We operate in worldwide Real Estate Markets with a focus on the Mediterranean countries.

VGPP gives you everything you need to grow a fantastic business and life in the sun without the stress, time, finance and the time consuming nature of running an estate agency business.

We are a professional, educational and analytical company and our focus is to ensure that our partners are fully trained and motivated to gain the most from our program.

VGPP is a low cost, zero risk business venture from wherever you are in the world.

We provide the following to all our international partners:

Fundamental Education
Your Own Corporate Property and Country Information Website

Support, Staff, Back Office, Media and Marketing
Touch Software
Discovery Tours

Vision Group Mediterranean Property Portfolio
Vision Academy
Marketing Material

Property Services

Our Property Services

Our qualified team are committed to providing you with a comprehensive and friendly service in all aspects of property buying, ownership and maintenance.

We have over 30 years of experience and we constantly strive to ensure complete client satisfaction. Buying a second or investment home in The Mediterranean is a large commitment and your decision to buy must be made after careful and thorough consideration, without pressure.

Our expert consultants hold your hand throughout this process. Thereafter our administrative team take over to ensure that your after purchase settling activities are as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Our Mediterranean Property Portfolio

We have a substantial portfolio in Spain and Cyprus which we continue to grow on a daily basis. We are now establishing offices in 8 more of the most desirable Mediterranean countries.

The Vision Group portfolio is very diverse and contains a wide variety of choice in terms of price, flexible payment terms, style, and location. We offer classic, modern and contemporary, in town, out of town, sea and mountainside and all sizes from studios and apartments to grand villas and penthouses.

We are constantly studying the Mediterranean property market so that we can share with you who is buying what and where, what is the current and future likely supply and demand and what is likely to happen to future values and rental returns. If you are unsure where to invest whether for holiday home, for future capital and rental growth or for the best climate, we have the answers.

We focus on locations and property where we see the most likely capital value growth and longest rental periods. Our Analytics Department allows us to study historic supply and demand activity and we use this information to make our best predictions for the future performance of any given property/project.

Our Discovery Tours in the Mediterranean

Vision Group have obtained an almost famous reputation for our discovery tours which we have been running for many years. Our Partners and guests love that within only a four day tour, they receive detailed information sufficient to make a decision on their investment or future business.

We provide excellent education and a wide knowledge both in classroom and out on the road so that our guests can gain a solid understanding of the entire property market and experience the rich lifestyle and culture of the Mediterranean Countries where we focus.

Our desire is that you will return home with confidence and also perhaps visit another country with our offices to gain an even wider Mediterranean knowledge. Our multi lingual staff across the Mediterranean very much look forward to meeting you and helping you with all your questions.


Property Financing and Purchase Matters

Vision Group specialize in securing for our clients the best available purchase price and payment terms for the buyer and not the seller.

We are able to advise on and offer many finance terms including developer mortgages, stage payments, interest free short to medium term loans and rental guarantees.

We are keen to ensure that our clients properties achieve excellent performance both in terms of rental weeks obtained and capital appreciation.

Our analytical department is led by our Chairman who is a Chartered Surveyor and property economist with over 35 years of experience.


Vision Group also offers developer services. As a market leader in The Mediterranean, and with a track record of hundreds of successful sales, Vision Group is perfectly positioned to advise developers, at pre planning stage, as to the exact requirements of the buyers. Pre planning based on market facts and trends is essential to the success of a development.

Vision Group provides Mediterranean Developers with advice and assistance on the following services.

  1. Identifying the target market for your land.
  2. Planning, concept, layout (internal and external) and styling projects.
  3. Optimum floor area assumptions and risk spread.
  4. Building material and furnishing needs of the customer.
  5. Branding and presentation.
  6. Marketing - where and how to market to achieve results on most efficient budget.
  7. Setting marketing budget.
  8. Producing Vision Media Films based on plans, photograph, 3D visuals and moving film.
  9. Social Media campaign.
  10. Total Media Campaign.
  11. Positioning projects within the Vision Group Worldwide Partnership Campaigns and websites.
  12. Capital Value estimates (£ Per sq M)
  13. Pricing, phasing and release policy.
  14. Price increase plan.
  15. Timescale estimates.
  16. Launch preparation and activities.
  17. Site branding and boarding.
  18. PR Matters for project and developer company.

If you have land holdings and are considering your development option and you require a free consultation please contact [email protected]

Buy or Sell Property


All Vision Group customers buy property for different personal reasons. Many buy for their own use for holidays and/or retirement while some buy for part occupation and part rental perhaps to cover their service charge and other such costs. Once we have analysed our clients needs, desires and budget we explore the right property and finance to suit.

For your home in the sun for full or part investment purposes. Mediterranean Apart from physically showing you all the relevant properties we also share with you information on Prices, Rentals with Analytics and trends so that you can fully understand what it is you are investing. We also share with you how to manage your investment, obtain tenants and achieve maximum rental and returns.

Although we are always happy to advise over the phone, we always recommend visiting our offices for relaxed, non pressured advice and close proximity to the properties available. We provide private and group consultation within our various Discovery Tours in The Mediterranean.

Please send an email to [email protected] to book your complimentary tour or make an appointment for a telephone consultation.

We fully respect that any buyer committing to what is a large investment, must go through a process of understanding and digesting a lot of important information. This is why we say “Take your time, Take our time”.

Touch Software

Vision Software

Vision Group proudly present Touch, the heart and soul of our company. Touch assists you in organizing your personal and business life. It makes the business of business easier and it forces you to succeed. All partners obtain a license for Vision Groups own Lifestyle Management Software “Touch”.

Touch contains a wealth of features that you would expect to find in any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system however it has substantially more features.

Put this text together with a picture of TOUCH:

Touch™ is a uniquely designed intelligent CRM system, which provides daily tasks and support for your business and will guarantee to boost the network of all our partners, whatever the product. Touch™ is available in many languages at the click of a button, making it easy to build your international business with all your contacts, regardless of location. With the use of Touch™ we provide a systematic sales and lead generation program to ensure that our partners’ businesses grow and prosper to provide a solid income stream from real estate transactions. We demonstrate how our partners can create thousands of potential customers. Our “icon based” Touch™ software is a major factor in the powerful nature of our international sales force.

With our unique Push Task system, ’Staying in Touch’ with your contacts has never been easier. The automated prompts and tasks which are provided will discipline the user to boost their results in customer sourcing and sales. Daily motivation is provided throughout the organization and team communications are made effortless while staying in Touch™. Full technical support and education is also provided in the form of training sessions, email support and presentations. Touch™ is an excellent lead generating and management tool that can be adapted for virtually any product, although it’s currently designed for property marketing.

Media & Marketing

Vision Media and Marketing

Vision Group proudly present our active and creative Media and Marketing department based in our Head Office in North Cyprus.

The mission of this department is to inform, connect and promote to and for our partners throughout the Mediterranean, Europe and the world. Our goals is to link the Vision Group platform to individuals, companies, municipalities and Governments around the world.

Vision Media and Marketing work with a wide range of clients including Government departments, Hotels and the leisure industry and private sector companies with a particular focus on estate agencies and developers.

Vision Media and Marketing advise our clients to develop effective and cost-efficient campaigns with full media planning.

Our years of experience ensure that our campaigns will direct substantial numbers of visitors to our partners sites or social media platforms, while analyzing their behavior and providing guidance for streamlining our partners message further. We work with our partners to present their business or message over this medium that can support video, audio, and real-time interaction.

Our media team has repeatedly shown the capacity to outperform our competition and is now taking on more and more work from third party companies and authorities.

A sample of our services includes :

  • Film and Movie - High quality aerial and ground filming with professional voiceovers to present Projects, lifestyle and interviews
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns including film, adverts, graphic design and strategy advice
  • Brochures, adverts and artwork
  • Branding material, logos, flags and other event marketing
  • Short film and infomercials
  • Developer film and promotional materials
  • Launch campaigns


Vision Academy

The Vision Academy is an online and physical learning school that provides education in written, film, webinars, seminars and weekly log in classes.

The Vision Academy focuses on property education, investment essentials, sales, branding and marketing.

Vision Academy uses logical, tried and tested methods of effective marketing to ensure its partners do not waste time and money focusing on ineffective methods. Vision Group Academy educates all aspects of marketing skills including direct, indirect, face to face and digital.

Working with Touch™ automated tasks and assisting you with scripts and sales techniques, the Vision Group Academy is very much focused on lead generation and nurturing. Volume lead generation and the correct management of leads is essential to achieve greater market share and ultimately to increase sales, income and revenue.

The Vision Academy Curriculum includes :

  • The Touch™ Software - An in depth study and how to use
  • How to market for zero or low cost
  • Lead generation - How to generate thousands of new contacts and customers
  • Where are the buyers
  • The art of public speaking
  • The science of property investment and investor reports
  • How to invest safely in the Mediterranean property market
  • Marketing, traditional versus modern techniques
  • How to advise Clients/Buyers to win their confidence
  • The Vision Group North Cyprus and Spanish Property Portfolio
  • Branding - An essential lesson in creating your position in the market
  • Social Media Marketing - What is it really?
  • How to present at Exhibitions and Seminars
  • The Vision Group Calendar - What events are scheduled for /2109 in The Mediterranean and in your country.
  • Why the Vision Group new Team Culture is achieving volume sales
  • Communication Systems - How to hold and present webinars and what are the best methods and on line conference systems
  • Vision Group Marketing Material Library - Understand our library of films, adverts and lessons you will use for boosting your business.

Social Responsibility

Charity and Social Responsibility

Vision Group are always an open door for charitable ideas. We like to use real estate transactions to generate income and networks that can benefit larger groups of people suffering from poverty, sickness and oppression.

In 2016 we formed The Earth Project which is now renamed as Vision Earth.

Vision Earth has been undertaking projects in Africa and will continue to align with efficient and professionally run charitable and socially entrepreneurial companies and individuals that deliver maximum results for the suffering groups.

Vision Sports and Arts - For the Next Generation

Vision Sports & Arts was created to help young and talented people who have limited financial resources to grow and build confidence in their chosen field.

We want to encourage young children to follow their dreams and talent and to lead positive change in communities by focusing on healthy pursuits.

We want to actively be a part of a positive development in environments where children can have fun and grow and lead to a healthy society now and for the next generation. To be able to do that we need to follow new trends, attitudes and behavior and make sure we help them maximize their potential.

Vision Sports and Arts continue to work with organizations and sport clubs to give children a brighter future.

In our commercial partnerships we say ”We don’t succeed — If you don’t succeed”

We apply the same principle focus to the clubs and organisations that support children in sports and arts.


Customer Testimonials

Vision Group have advised hundreds of clients who have successfully bought homes and investments in The Mediterranean.

Unfortunately we cannot list them all, but here are a selection of testimonials that some of our buyers and partners have given us.

These testimonials are copies of letters and emails that we have received.


Keep In Touch

Tel: +90 (392) 815 86 08

Namık Kemal Sk. No:1 Çatalköy / Kyrenia
TRNC, Mersin 10 Turkey

[email protected]